Sorry, this course isn’t running at the moment.

We’re currently reviewing the content for the Intro to code series to ensure that it’s as relevant and user-friendly as it can be before we start delivering it in communities across Australia. We’ll update this page once it’s ready!

Get ready to experiment! Learn what coding is and how everyday people can use it with this hands-on, five-part course.

Throughout the course we’ll guide you through a range of activities where you can play around with common coding languages to create different things.

This is a 5-part series. Participants must sign up for all five sessions.

Who is it for?

Beginners who would like to learn what coding is and gain some first-hand experience with coding basics.

What it covers

  • How coding is used to build simple web apps and games, and what other devices, applications and services are powered by code
  • Basic principles of machine-learning
  • Basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other coding languages
  • Introduction to ‘remixing’ and ‘hacking’ websites to build your understanding of code
  • Job opportunities that may be available to people with coding skills


🕒 5 x 120 minute sessions